Friday, June 2, 2017

Art 1 Final

1. The art criticism process is a four step process. The first step is describing what you see in the piece. After that you reflect on the art piece using the elements and principles of art. The third step is to interpret. You should ask questions like what is the artist trying to say? What caused the artist to say it? Why was the work done in that particular style? The last step is to evaluate the successfulness or importantes of the art work.

2. I am going to evaluate my monochromatic painting piece. (right)
  • I am seeing someone who is holding an ice cream cone in a dark room
  • There is a variety of values used in the piece, the ice cream itself looks very realistic and 3D while the hand lacks values in certain places and looks unproportional to the ice cream cone
  • I would ask the artist why they chose the color green to do the whole piece in? Why is the background so dark compared to everything else in the piece?
  • I think the piece was somewhat successful, there was no message trying to be displayed in the work and while the ice cream cone was completed well the hand was not.

3. What are some reasons artist make art?
Artists make art as a way of expressing how they feel. Sometimes you cant explain your emotions in words but you are able to create something that explains what you are feeling. Another reason artists make art is to depict events that happen. Before cameras were invented people had to paint themselves/have themselves painted/painted the event. Basically anything someone wanted recorded was drawn or painted before cameras. 

4. Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.
I think that my 2 in 1 surrealism (left) and my perspective piece (right) were the most successful. Both of these pieces I spent more time on than others and I think it payed off. I am satisfied with the end result of these projects more than others and I love the vibrant color choices.

5. What is the point of art class? What did you get out of it?
The point of art class for me is to find a place where you can express yourself. Its a place that is relaxed and where you can unwind from the stress that other classes and life in general cause. I
learned more about myself through the class by being able to express myself freely in my work.

Illustration Friday

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Linocut Printmaking project

When I think of lines I think about different shapes instead of actual lines. My piece shows the theme of lines by being full of different shapes that are made of lines such as dots, lines, circles, triangles, etc.
If I were to redo my piece I think I would have tried to be more mindful about where the dark and light parts are. I think by doing that in my original sketch I would have liked my product in the end more. I also wish I had experimented with more color varieties on my print and seen if there was anything that looked better.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I used a 2 point perspective with colored pencil as my medium. I took it in Europe while we were going on a carriage ride through the woods of Ireland. I found it difficult to make everything look realistic with lines. Getting the correct angle is hard and coloring over the lines that I had to erase was also hard.

VAE Postcards

Image here:

I used

  • paper tissue
  • ink blotting
  • melted plastic
  • sharpie
  • charcole
  • hot glue
My word was anger so I tried to use dark colors like red, black, orange, and brown. I tried to use sharp lines and random crazy lines to make a mood of frustration and confusion.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sculpture Vessel in Progress and finished

To finish my piece i want to paint it with glaze. I think I want to do an ombre effect on the thread part. I think I want to make the piece either black/white or red or blue to black.
I have found carving the lid was very hard. It has many more shapes that the tools aren't very good for carving triangles. Also putting the slabs together to make the vessel was difficult for me.
My overall sculpture while it was difficult has turned out how I pictured it would. I like the texture I created to make it look like thread. It is going well so far.
So far I have needed to create slabs mostly. I have needed to scratch and score 2 slabs together to make the vessel the correct height. It has already been through the kelin once to change it from greenware to bisque ware. It needs to be glazed and put into the klein one more time before it is finished.

I glazed and re fired the piece so the glaze would set on the clay piece. I find the vessel overall successful especially with the texture around the vessel. I would have changed the top some because the indents on the top are rough and it doesn't fit completely on the bottom of the box